Where Are Jura Espresso Machines Made?

Jura is a Swiss company that creates high-end automatic coffee machines for home and professional use.

And being in the business, Jura espresso machines are renowned for their cutting-edge features, elegant design, and simple maintenance. But what are the origins of these machines?

But, there’s one thing missing along the route — as to where Jura houses.

Since you could estimate it’s a Swiss company, but the fact is, it is not (not only Swiss.)

So, we are after the ever-asking question of where are Jura espresso machines made because hardly any would know of their origins.

Exact Location of Jura’s Production Facilities

Jura operates two main factories: one in Switzerland and one in Portugal. The Swiss factory, located in Niederbuchsiten, makes the super-duper and professional lines of Jura espresso machines. It also houses the company’s bigwigs, nerds, and helpers, meaning it acts as the headquarter of Jura.

On the other hand, the Portuguese factory, situated in Porto, produces the teeny-weeny and mid-range lines of Jura espresso machines. It majorly handles the assembly and quality control of some parts that come from other places, like China, Germany, and Italy.

So, if you ask us, are all Jura coffee machines made in Switzerland? Then you know, they are not. Some could be coming off from Portugal as well.

Jura’s Promised Quality Standards

Jura claims that all of its espresso machines are made exclusively with the same high-quality standards, no matter where they are made. And, the prime motive of the company is, it only works with suppliers who meet Jura’s demands for quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Jura also monitors and audits its production processes regularly, using both its own people and outsiders.

Although, Jura had once a special treat for its customers: the chance to personally visit its factories and see how the machines are made. The customers could, however, book a guided tour of the Swiss or Portuguese factory online, and learn more about Jura’s story, technology, and values.

But sadly, that is not possible now; you can, however, have a virtual tour of the Jura factory instead.

Wondering how the brewing experience goes for a cup of coffee, you need to take a look at this extensive guide.

Jura’s Top Product Range

To your surprise, Jura offers a lot of espresso machines for different needs and tastes. So, Stay ready to have a quick overview of some of the most popular Jura models right below:

  • Jura GIGA 10. This is the most advanced and pricey model from Jura, made for professional use in places where people drink a lot of coffee, like offices, hotels, restaurants, or catering services. It can literally make over 31 different coffee drinks, including ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, and more. Coming with two grinders, two heaters, two pumps, and two fluid systems, so it can make two drinks at the same time. And features a big color touchscreen display, a smart water filter system, a milk system cleaning function, and a user interface that you can change whichever you like. More about Jura GIGA 10 here.
  • Jura E8. Jura E8 stands to be one of the best-selling models from Jura, made for home use. Good to produce up to 16 different coffee drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, and more. It boasts a grinder, a heater, a pump pressure of 15 bar, and a fluid system with fine foam technology. Lastly, a colored TFT display, including a smart water filter system. Then a milk system cleaning function, and an intelligent pre-brew aroma system. More about Jura E8 here.
  • Jura ENA 4. You will find it to be the smallest and cheapest model from Jura, made for small spaces and wallets. This specific model can make up to 10 different coffee drinks, including espresso, coffee, ristretto, americano, and more. It features a grinder, a heater, a pump pressure of 15 bar, and a fluid system with fine foam technology. And, it contains an easy rotary switch with symbols, a smart water filter system, a milk system cleaning function, and an energy-saving mode. More about Jura ENA 4 here.

Jura’s Innovative Features — How It Differentiates from Its Competitions

And, what sort of innovative features do the Jura espresso machines hold? Know them in good detail:

  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). Unleash the full potential of your coffee beans with this technology that optimizes the extraction time and enhances the flavor and aroma of espresso, especially for short drinks like ristretto and espresso. It works by pulsing water through the coffee grounds at short intervals, allowing the best possible extraction of the solubles.
  • Aroma G3 Grinder. Experience the difference of this stainless steel conical burr grinder that grinds the coffee beans twice as fast and preserves more of their aroma than conventional grinders. Coming with six adjustment levels, allowing users to customize the fineness of the grind according to their preferences.
  • Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.). Enjoy the convenience of this system that automatically detects the presence of a smart water filter in the water tank and adjusts the settings accordingly. The smart water filter, called CLEARYL, removes impurities, chlorine, and limescale from the water, ensuring optimal water quality and taste. So, that will ultimately eliminate the need for descaling the machine every often.
  • Fine Foam Technology. Indulge in the creamy and consistent milk foam produced by this technology that froths the milk twice in two chambers, resulting in a perfect texture and temperature. Some models include an automatic milk system cleaning function that rinses the milk circuit with hot water and steam at the touch of a button. So, no frequent deep cleaning is required!
  • Smart Mode. Customize your coffee preferences with this feature that adapts the start screen of the machine to show the most frequently used drinks or the most suitable drinks for a specific time of day. Kind of bearing an A.I. technology, no? It also permits users to create their own favorites and assign them to different positions on the screen. Thus, this makes it far easier and faster to select and brew the desired drink in a matter of seconds.

Jura Espresso Machines are the most durable and efficient coffee machines, suitable for home and professional usage. Read our reviews of Jura E8, Jura Impressa Z6, Jura S8 and Jura Z10 that will help you in selecting the Jura that meets your requirements.


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