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Are you planning to buy Jura Impressa Z6, Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center and now searching for an honest review of it? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here is a detailed review of Jura Impressa Z6, an automatic coffee maker that works perfectly for everyone.

What To Know About It?

Jura Impressa Z6 is a one-touch super-automatic coffee maker that offers convenience and ease of operation and allows its users to enjoy the professional tasting brews at home.

The First Look at Jura Z6 

Jura Impressa Z6

The first thing to note in this machine is its size and look. It only measures 17.7” x 12.6” x 14.8” and weighs 26 pounds.This makes it a perfect fit for a kitchen that is on a small side or has narrow counter space. This machine can also fit between counter-tops and cabinets, if necessary.

The front and top panels of the body are of aluminum and the side panels are of sturdy ABS plastic. Aesthetically, it is catchy but knowing the functions tell that the designers are more into a functional design. It doesn’t mean that this machine doesn’t have a good finish, it surely does. But its a lot better than those super stylish coffee makers that are good for nothing and just a fancy addition to the kitchen. Jura Z6 is attractive, simple and all ready to work for a home or office.

What Is The Water Reservoir Size And Capacity? 

One of the best feature of Jura Impressa Z6 is its massive size reservoir that is an 81 ounce, top loader tank. It is on the left side of the coffee maker if you view it from the front. It comes with two water filters while all other coffee makers usually come with one. Two things are important to know here. One is that many coffee lovers argue to have a built-in water filter which requires no maintenance. Undeniably, this sounds like a good thing but it also means that you will need replacement filters every now and then. And not to forget, this is going to cost you extra. But there are other ways to get this facility such as only use distilled water in the water tank.

The good thing about this new model is that it comes with sensors that automatically detect the filter and you don’t have to report it manually to the control unit of the machine.

Can Jura Impressa Z6 Grind Coffee Beans? 

Jura Impressa Z6 comes with a top-loading 9.9-ounce bean hopper which attaches to a ceramic, cone-shaped burr grinding unit. This unit has six adjustment settings and a user can pick anyone that he wants. This model uses PEP (Pulse Extraction Process)to brew espresso that extracts the maximum flavor from coffee beans.

Many users would find a mismatch between the water tank dimension and the bean hopper’s capacity. But it is not something that is worrisome for standard coffee makes. Only those who like their coffee extremely strong would need to refill the hopper more often than the rest.

Six different grinding settings are incredibly useful if you know how to use them. Since every person has different preferences in coffee, Jura Impressa Z6 comes with different options to fine-tune the machine and enjoy the exclusive tasting coffee every time. These settings are easy to switch by using a dial, inside the bean hopper. Lastly, the grinding unit comes with a two-scoop bypass doser to facilitate users who do not wish to use fresh beans of coffee.

Can You Change The Temperature Of Your Coffee?

The boiler system of Jura Impressa Z6 is a single, aluminum body and stainless-steel lining unit that comes with Thermoblock technology. It means it is easy to heat up and get the temperature that you set for your coffee. There is no long wait to switch temperature for both brewing coffee and milk steam. Most of the typical coffee makers come with only 2-3 settings but Jura Z6 offers ten settings. This allows you to enjoy different types of brews at any temperature that he prefers.

Which Specialty Drinks Can Be Made By Using Jura Z6?

The brewing unit of any coffee machine works like the brain for it. Any goodness in your coffee cup is due to the high functionality of the machine’s control system. The control unit of Jura Z6 is digital and all navigation in the menu takes place through the control knob and buttons on both sides of the LED screen.

There are 21 auto programmed drinks that you can make with Jura Impressa Z6 – these include:

  • Espresso
  • Latte
  • Americano
  • Macchiato
  • Ristretto
  • Cappuccino

The machine also gives you an option to customize every drink from the shot strength, temperature, quantity of milk, foam and water in every cup. All these features are accessible through easy to navigate menu and the digital screen You can also set your favorite drinks and add them to the home screen for more convenience.

Can You Control Milk Froth In Jura Z6?

Jura Impressa Z6 comes with an auto-frothing system. So it doesn’t require a frothing wand every time. But you can digitally control the quantity and quality of milk froth that you want in your coffee cup. This frothing system is easy to use and more easy to clean. Jura offers multiple cleaning tools to facilitate a detailed cleaning of milking hose if you prefer brewing milk-based drinks.

Also, Jura Z6 comes with a cup warming tray with lets its users to enjoy their coffee at the best temperature. As already mentioned, this model provides complete control of temperature settings so this feature is an added benefit.

How To Clean Jura Z6 Coffee Maker?

Like other Jura models, Z6 is easy to use and clean. It requires cleaning as per its usage. But in general, it is better to clean it once a week.

As brewing unit of Jura Z6 is not removable, the cleaning takes place through cleaning tablets. Just put a drop of cleaning tablet in the bypasser doser and let it run a cycle.

Pros And Cons of Jura Z6 


  • P.E.P. system ensures perfect coffee shots in every cup
  • Completely automatic cleaning systems that are hassle-free
  • Auto protect system assuring the longevity of the machine
  • Multiple built-in drink options to enjoy a number of specialty beverages
  • operates by a one-touch system
  • Controlled milk system to select a perfect temperature and froth in every cup


  • Not a milk carafe available so you can’t store leftover milk to use later
  • The rinse cycle may seem too aggressive for some users

Jura Impressa Z6 worth your money if you want an effortless cup of coffee every morning. The amazing features of Z6 justify its price and the reputation of Jura as top-notch coffee maker leaves no reason to question its efficiency. Jura Impressa Z6 super-automatic coffee machine is one of the best brewing machines in the market and it is ideal for anyone who seeks maximum convenience, customized drinks option and a machine that works efficiently for long-term.

Jura Espresso Machines are the most durable and efficient coffee machines, suitable for home and professional usage. Read our reviews of Jura E8, Jura Impressa Z6, Jura S8 and Jura Z10 that will help you in selecting the Jura that meets your requirements.

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